Pasha Kidman
an expert in the field of investment, co-founder of EAGLE NEST GROUP LLC, Sr. Product Manager in Merrill Lynch, Pepperdine Professor for Product management and innovation.
Our show is much more than just a club. Private markets are not stock exchanges, they are closed-end funds that only people who earn a certain amount of money can invest in. The goal of our project is to show new opportunities for investing in the US private markets using the most effective financial instruments. And, most importantly – we are guides to American business and will tell you how to invest in order to save and increase your capital. In our show “The Million Dollar Affair”, we will tell you how to do it correctly, showing all the pitfalls. In our business club, we can introduce you to those who will help you in a specific direction of investment and become your business partner in the future.
Maxim Gorbachev
an expert in the field of networking and investment, owns and advises about 20 large companies from different fields and creates effective business models for them.
Eagle Nest Group is a guide to the world of profitable investments in the US economy, guiding you in the format of business coaching, and the show “The Million Dollar Affair” is a resource that will help us communicate with those who need support.

We want to be the ones who will guide people from the former Soviet Union in investing into the US economy, developing and scaling up their business. To make it clear, transparent, calm and according to American standards. Our main principle is to be fully open experts. We help to obtain accurate information and reply honestly to your questions, guarantee quality work of specialists of the company. Our knowledge and tools will save your capital and give you the opportunity to earn money.”

Karina Kanakina
is an international relationship and wealth manager, that brings majestic charm and precise diligence to her relationships at Eagle Nest Group.