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Dynamic collaboration to reach the impossible.
Taking partnerships to next level.

Strategic Partnership

When it comes to drafting your strategy in business and making decisions on how to activate your capacities, Eagle Nest Group provides far-reaching ideas and tools on how to pursue these strategies and goals.

Strategic partnerships are effective if you want to build a secondary market or to test a collaboration with another company. Alliances increase your competitiveness, expand market share and target market. They guarantee capital supply or access to technologies and manufacture, improve products and service deliveries .

We can assist you with:

  • Establishing profitable strategic business alliances in any market
  • Finding potential business partners
  • Negotiating terms and conditions on behalf of the client
  • Opening franchises of leading businesses
  • Advising on Strong Market Expansion Strategy

Raising Capital – Equity & Debt

We bring you effective tools on raising capital in your enterprise through a number of comprehensive strategies. Bringing funds is a major challenge for newly opened and growing businesses, so getting proper funding or capital with the right and clear terms and conditions is a crucial step for evolving companies. Whenever you need expanding working capital, introducing new products or services, making acquisitions, capital expenditure, strengthening balance sheets, our team can easily raise low cost funds to make your business profitable.

You are welcome to consult us for:

Equity Placements

  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital / Informal Investors
  • Initial Public Offering

Loan Syndication

  • Long Term Loans
  • Working Capital Loans

Optimal Capital Structure

  • Providing advice and strategy on optimum capital mix
  • Due Diligence

Business Planning and Advisory

To clear out your business strategy you need to analyze your potential market and its players. With Eagle Nest group you are sure to get a substantial business plan tailored to meet your expectations.

Your business may be on any stage of its life cycle: we can help with strengthening your positions on the market. Even in the most unstable economic conditions, your venture can flourish with adequate business, financial and strategic planning. We connect our global expertise and local competence to give efficient assistance and support for our clients.

We give you assistance in:

  • Pre-Feasibility and Viability studies
  • In-depth Study and Report for Projects
  • Budget and Forecast
  • Business Valuation

Corporate Finance

Your company may be in the need for maximizing its value through financial planning and strategies. Eagle Nest Group handles advisory to establish a new value chains for your business. On your behalf we also cooperate with banks and financial institutions to help your business enter markets securely, draw investments, and develop projects in diverse environments. We secure financing for businesses in emerging markets, as well as we provide assistance for investors.

We give consultancies on:

  • Budgeting
  • Most effective methods of financing
  • Applying to funds in project financing
  • Paper drafting in compliance with bank requirements
  • Capital assessment and arranging banking facilities